Community projects

Our ‘number one project’ is currently providing ‘Positive Mind Training’ to one billion people in 5 years. See the Referral Programme page for how you can help in exchange for a major income or contributions to charities and/or funding our community projects

Other projects are for members to lead, initiate or participate in

If you have an idea, email with your proposal. Following approval, we’ll promote it on this page and via the PMT Completed facebook group to recruit participants.

Some ideas that you may like to adopt as a project:

  • Old People

    Visiting Old Peoples homes to interview volunteer residents, preferably with video, to obtain:

    • Interesting life stories
    • Advice for young people on how to live a better life
    • Any other element you may wish to add
    • Potentially create a TV programme or series
  • The Homeless
    • Recruit homeless people to attend Positive Mind Training webinars or seminars, free, at a location that we can provide and fund.
    • Work with them to encourage them into work and accommodation
    • Work with existing homeless charities where appropriate
    • Potentially create a TV programme or series
  • Clean ups
    • Select an area to clean up
    • Video to encourage others to follow suit

Use of MeetUp groups can help to manage local projects