PMT tools reinforcement, supplements, enhancements and support

Forum members will receive supplementary training videos via email for a period of time after joining the Forum, weekly for the first 8 weeks and then monthly.

Forum members have access to the PMTGraduates Facebook Group. This group will be used by:

  • Graham and others to reinforce the PMT training
  • Interviews and podcasts with others in the development industry to supplement the PMT training
  • Support for members in achieving goals
    • By Graham and other professionals
    • Mutual support between members
  • Input and discussion about Community Projects will begin once sufficient funds have been established to fund those projects

The Facebook group can be found at:

Live videos, interviews, discussions and other support will occur on the Facebook Group on the first Sunday of each month starting at 6.00pm UK time (that’s usually 1.00pm Eastern Standard Time) and will remain available to group members for a month as recordings

Written posts can be made by members to ask questions or provide advice to others and ideas to the group

The group cannot be used to promote business directly, although input from those in business to support other members may well have this effect