PMT Graduates Forum

‘Positive Mind Training’ changes lives. The Forum allows graduates to gain major further benefits and to contribute to others.

The Forum enables graduates of the full ‘Positive Mind Training’ programme to:

  • Be reminded of, reinforce, supplement and enhance your use of PMT tools
  • Gain support, if you wish, to achieve your goals
  • Share ideas, experiences and mutual support
  • Participate in a community project, if you wish, to spread the training and reduce poverty, hardship and conflict
  • Generate, or participate in, local community projects, member support projects, and membership events
  • Gain a large income, if you wish, in exchange for a few hours of your time, or contribute all or part of that income to charity, or funding our community projects
  • For coaches, therapists and trainers (or others who’d like to become coaches, therapists or trainers), join the Association for Acceptance Action Coaching, Therapy and Training (see, free to Forum members, that provides training, support and clients
  • Gain access to further trainings, if you wish, including:
    • Get Slim, Stay Slim Guaranteed
    • Quit Smoking Now Guaranteed
    • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) – 40 minute cure
    • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) – 20 minute cure
    • Insomnia – 20 minute cure

Forum activity is influenced by:

  • The Association for Acceptance Action Coaching, Therapy and Training (AAACTT)
  • AAACTT’s facilities to train aspiring coaches, therapists and trainers
  • Our goals to:
    • Change the way the world thinks by providing PMT training to everyone
    • Significantly reduce poverty, hardship and conflict
  • Our interim goal to train one billion in five years
  • Our wealthy philanthropist sponsor who provided these goals and the means to achieve them
  • Abicord ….. developer and provider of ‘Positive Mind Training’
  • This website … and a parallel Facebook Group called PMTGraduates
  • Major rewards for members helping to spread the training
  • A facility to share those rewards with charity, and/or funding our community projects, at each member’s option
  • AAACTT’s and Abicord’s commitment to give all net income to charity and funding our community projects 
  • Members interested in adopting leadership roles or initiating, or participating in, community projects


Membership provides access to:

  • The remainder of this site
  • The PMTGraduates facebook group
  • Free membership of AAACTT (see
  • All Forum activities and benefits

PMT Graduates are encouraged to join on graduation.

Monthly fees:

Normal (when current ‘launch’ discount expires): £20 (US$26)

Current discounts (for life with continuous membership):

  • On graduating (within 24 hours):            £10 (US$13)
  • Current ‘launch’ rate:                                 £10 (US$13)

Once joined, your fee will never be raised in real terms (though there may be periodic inflation adjustments)

Membership can be cancelled at any time. So, if in doubt, we highly recommend you join for a month, to obtain access to the current life-time discount and all Forum activities and benefits, at a total one-month cost of £10 (US$13). No-one has yet left the Forum.

Membership fees are paid to AAACTT, initiator and manager of the Forum.

All membership fees, together with all other AAACTT (and Abicord) net income, will be given to charities and funding community projects generated by Forum members.

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