Your Mind Training Resources

Positive Mind Training Introduction


Intro 1

This FREE life-changing 18-minute webinar on creating a powerful mindset will teach you:

  1. how to deal with stress or other uncomfortable feelings
  2. how to resolve mind-based limitations
  3. how to create a powerful mindset



Intro 2

This 20-minute webinar on developing exceptional resilience will teach you:

  1. how to remove dissatisfaction, disappointment, worry and other limiting thoughts from your life
  2. how to focus only on action in negative situations


Positive Mind Training Course


Main Training 1 (MT-1)

This 40 minute video will teach you:

  1. why worry is irrational and how to eliminate it
  2. why we think, feel and act the way we do
  3. an extraordinary truth about life that few are aware of
  4. to replace blame for the past with responsibility for the future
  5. to change the way you think about many aspects of life

Main Training 2 (MT-2)

In this second video you will learn:

  1. why people respond in unhelpful ways when relating to others
  2. how to moderate those responses
  3. how to deal easily and effectively with challenges in relating to others and relationships

Main Training 3 (MT-3)

In the third video you will learn:

  1. how to take advantage of the amazing possibilities that life can bring
  2. how to become more confident, achieving and successful
  3. the value of contribution in your work and your life

Main Training 4 (MT-4)

The last video in the series is 17 minutes long, will teach you:

  1. how to change the way you experience life
  2. how to have a truly amazing life
  3. the opportunities available to graduates of this course