‘Positive Mind Training’ webinars transform the working lives, and lives generally, of managers and employees …and the success of the organisation.

This page is for individual managers or employees interested in attending the Positive Mind Training webinars for organisations …or managers / supervisors who’ve attended the training and may like their immediate team, or others in their organisation, to attend.


For individuals managers / employees:

  • Build a powerful mindset
  • Become highly resilient, confident, motivated and achieving
  • Eliminate stress, regret, worry and dissatisfaction
  • Remove limiting beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviour
  • Eliminate fear and acquire huge self-belief
  • Become a confident and powerful speaker
  • Deal effectively and calmly with any challenges in relationships
  • Resolve any mind-based issues
  • Eliminate procrastination

For the whole organisation:

  • Enhance individual performance and team effectiveness
  • Increase job satisfaction and reduce sickness
  • Generate a greater focus on contribution to the organisation, customers, management, team leaders, team members and others

What to do:

No matter how you heard about us, please get in touch via email at, including your contact details, and we will get back to you to help you access the training and understand how we support you in the best possible way.