Rewards programme

Rewards programme for Forum members

Congratulations on joining the PMT Forum. This document outlines mechanisms available to Forum members that will earn you major rewards.

Before introducing the mechanisms, let me say that adding to your wealth is a secondary goal for us. Our prime goal is to change the world by training an initial one billion people in five years and funding charities and our planned community projects. We’re going to need a large number of PMT members to support us. We recognise most of you are busy, so may need an incentive to help us achieve our goal. The rewards outlined in this document provide that incentive. The more rewards you earn, the more people attend the training, and the closer we get to achieving our goal. In view of this, our reward mechanisms are quick and easy to implement.

These reward mechanisms have some similarities to network marketing. There are many highly reputable network marketing enterprises, including utility providers such as Utility Warehouse, health products such as Amway and Arbonne, and home products such as Tupperware. But there are major differences between our approach, and network marketing:

  • Network marketers are required to ‘sell’ the organisation’s products or services. You’re only being asked to ‘gift’ our training to others. When you make that gift, you know you’ll be changing the life of the person you’re giving the training to through a) the training and b) in all cases other than gifting to employees (the first mechanism below), significantly enhancing their wealth.
  • Network marketers need to meet with prospects, persuade them of the benefits of the organisation’s products or services, encourage them to ‘buy’ those products or services and, if possible, recruit them to join the network to become another ‘seller’. No such discussion or persuasion is required to gift our training. At the most it involves handing them an envelope containing our letter offering them the training free (in all cases other than your personal contacts, not even requiring the ‘temporary investment’ that you had to make), with or without a brief comment from you, if you wish, such as “here’s something free for you if you’re interested. I’ve done it. It’s amazing. It’s completely changed my life. So I’m giving it to as many people as I can.”
  • No ‘network groups’ need to be created
  • There’s no requirement to involve your personal contacts (though you can if you wish, for their benefit and yours)

In common with all reputable network marketing organisations, our reward mechanisms ensure that everyone gains and no-one loses, a major difference between reputable network marketing and notorious ‘pyramid’ schemes. In pyramid schemes those at the top of the pyramid gain, and large numbers at the bottom lose (to fund the gains of those at the top). In our case, everyone involved in the initial stage of spreading the training will gain hugely. Then the ‘major reward’ mechanisms will cease and millions will be ‘sold’ the training at a low fee, possibly $10, or perhaps $20 with just a minor reward of $10 for promoting it to others. That very large number of participants taking the training at very low cost, will ultimately fund your rewards, outlined below, that you’ll have already received (as well as funding our planned community projects and charities able to support those projects).

This overview including its downloaded ‘letter’ attachments should be saved in a folder you can easily locate, after you’ve added your name and email address at the bottom of each letter (except the ‘employee letter’) after the words ‘Forwarded by’. (In the case of the Employee Letter, that’s after you’ve added your ‘affiliate code’ to the link to the training). You may also want to print these documents (again after you’ve added your name and email address or affiliate code). This document is also duplicated in the members area of the Positive Mind Training website, accessible using the password you’ve received to gain initial entry. It’s under the ‘Rewards’ menu item, and can be downloaded from there if you ever need to.

These documents are confidential to members of the PMT Forum. Please don’t share them with non-members, unless you’re confident they’ll keep them confidential and only use them to support your rewards under your name as the forwarder (such as your partner or family). There are two reasons:

  • We want rewards to support our goal to change the world by training initially one billion people in five years and funding charities and our community projects.
  • All AAACTT’s income, net of rewards and other costs, will go to charities and funding our community projects.

These goals will be undermined if other businesses try to copy our reward mechanisms for their own benefit. If you’re in business, I trust you not to do that. If you come across anyone trying to, please let us know. We’ll be obliged to take action against them, including exclusion from the Forum and the loss of any pending rewards. If you’d like others to get involved for their own benefit and/or to support our goals, they need to first attend the PMT training (ideally through you, so you gain the reward), then join the PMT Forum.

Six reward mechanisms are outlined below (numbered 1 to 6). There’ll be more in time. Earlier versions of this document included a seventh mechanism called ‘Free Service Providers’. That mechanism has been put on hold for now. Please don’t use it. We’ll not be able to pay any rewards for the time being for its use. The first five remaining mechanisms deal with gifts to others who themselves can generate rewards, providing a reward for you of 10% of their rewards. These rewards have the potential to be very large; we anticipate well in excess of £50,000 (US$70,000) per Forum member, and almost certainly many times (20 to 200 times) that amount, for a few hours of your time. An explanation of this anticipated income is provided at the end of this document.

These first five mechanisms are only available to you and other members of the PMT Forum. The sixth mechanism involves giving the training to your personal contacts or others. This is the only mechanism that requires the recipient to make a temporary investment (guaranteed to be recovered or refunded), generating an initial reward for you of £150 (US$200). That mechanism and reward are available to all PMT members. As a Forum member however, you’ll also receive a multi-level reward of 10% of the rewards received by those you give the training to, which will be much larger than your initial reward.

We’re instigating these multi-level rewards from the date you, or the Forum member who gave you the training, joined the Forum. This means that from the date you join, you’ll also receive 10% of all rewards due to those you gave the training to (including 10% their 10% multi-level rewards, and so on down the line), for as long as you remain a Forum member. Conversely if the person who gave the training to you was a member of the Forum at the time, they’ll receive 10% of all your rewards, for as long as they remain a member. Hence all the rewards mentioned below are reduced by 10% if you were given the training by a Forum member. So initial rewards of £150 (US$200) become a net £135 (US$180) and multi-level rewards of 10%, become a net 9%. For now, multi-level rewards don’t apply to gifts to employees, as those employees won’t, in general, be introduced to the Forum.

All your rewards can be kept by you, or given to charities of your choosing (under your name), or to funding our community projects, or a mixture of those three options, at your election.

We’re leaving open the possibility of reducing the percentage rewards for any individual or organisation receiving rewards above £10million (US$13million) in a year, with potentially bigger reductions at higher thresholds. Any such threshold refers to the part you receive or that you contribute to charities, not any part you contribute to funding our community projects. If we do introduce such thresholds, any reductions above the thresholds would be re-routed to our community projects or charities in your name. These reductions would not impact your rewards, unless you too receive rewards in excess of £10million (US$13million) in any year.

The attached documents, addressed from me to give added credibility, can be sent as attachments to a cover email from you, or given as a hard copy print. If sending by email the suggested wording for your cover email is provided in the attached document called ‘Cover Emails’, varied as you wish.

Before you provide a free training to an employee of a significant organisation, conference leader or assistant, affiliate marketer, or chain of stores, you’re advised to check the alphabetic list in the ‘Positive Mind Training’ website at, on a page in the members area called ‘Organisations already participating, so not available for further gifts’ at least in the country that the earlier gift was made.  You can still gift a free training now and check the list later if more convenient, but I’m afraid the rewards will go to the Forum member who already gifted the training to that organisation, within your country, before you. In the case of other contacts, including CEOs, sole traders, ‘single store’ assistants and ‘free service’ providers, we’ll ask them to let you know if they’ve already accepted a free training from another Forum member.

  1. Employees: The attached document called ‘Letter to Employee’, providing a totally free training (no temporary investment required), can be sent or given to any employee of any organisation. ‘Employees’ include home services providers (such as plumbers, electricians, builders or decorators who are employees, not sole traders), delivery drivers, store assistants in a chain store, employees you meet at meetings or conferences or any employee you may know. If you work for an organisation, you can give the free training to your supervisor / manager or any other supervisor / manager in your organisation.

Our aim is for the free training to be passed up through the organisation. At any level in that chain of free trainings, any supervisor / manager with a training budget can then purchase the training for the remainder of their staff. The purchase price for organisations is £150 (US$195) per employee. That’s roughly equivalent to the usual £312 (US$415) ‘temporary investment’ less the 50% reward (now due to the employer). Your reward will be 20% of total income from the organisation. For a substantial organisation with say 10,000 employees, your potential reward is £150 (US$200) x 10,000 x 20% = £300,000 (US$400,000). Providing the free training to five employees in five different substantial organisations could earn you £1.5million (US$2million).

These employees will see a slightly different version of the PMT course, the same as the one you’ve seen, including any subsequent enhancements, but with additional focus on aspects relevant to organisations, such as teamworking and contributions to the organisation, management, the employee’s immediate supervisor/manager, other team members, other employees, customers and the community (in the organisation’s name). Employees won’t initially be offered rewards or Forum membership, as it wouldn’t be reasonable for an organisation to pay for an employee’s training and for us to then offer major income-earning opportunities outside the organisation, much greater than the income generated by their employment. If the organisation’s management agrees, this could be offered later, perhaps with an arrangement whereby the employer receives a share of rewards.

The attached ‘Employee Letter’ requires insertion of your affiliate code (usually 4 digits) in the link that the recipient will use to register for the training. If you’ve lost your code, email to receive it again. If you’re sending the letter by email then, when you’ve replaced the term ‘Affiliate Code’ with your code, you can activate the link so the recipient only has to click on it to register. I suggest you then test it to ensure it takes you to a registration form.

The first employee of an organisation that registers for the training will result in that organisation (in that country) being entered on the list of ‘Organisations already participating, so not available for further gifts’. The name and email address, or affiliate code, of the Forum member who gifted the training will be held by us for all rewards relating to that organisation in that country. The same organisation in another country will still be available for gifts of a free training and consequent rewards.

Don’t give more than a few letters to employees of any one organisation as this would dilute your reward by increasing the number of free courses. If you hand out the letter, it may be worth investing in envelopes as they’re easier to hand out and are probably less likely to be discarded than a sheet of paper.

If you have a personal contact who’s an employee, and you’d like them to have access to the Forum, initially give them the ‘Letter to Employee’. This will give them access to the ‘organisations’ version of the training and enable them to pass that training up the line, and you to gain your reward relating to subsequent purchases by that organisation. You can also advise them to contact us following completion of the training to gain access to the Forum. We’ll ensure you’re identified as their introducer, so you gain your 10% share of their subsequent rewards. We anticipate shortly providing an additional ‘Letter to Personal-Contact Employee’ for your use in this situation.

This mechanism is only available to Forum members. Similar gifts made by a PMT member who isn’t a Forum member would generate a reward of just £150 (US$200) for one employee and £750 (US$1,000) for five, with each employee having to make a temporary investment of £312 (US$415).

  1. Store Management: One example of gifting employees is handing a ‘Letter to Employee’ a member of staff in a large store, or a smaller store that’s part of a chain of stores. If we do this, we prefer to leave another letter with someone in the store to hand to the store manager. That second letter, called ‘Letter to Store Management’ informs the store manager what we’ve done, the purpose of the training, and makes an offer of a free training to the store manager also.
  1. CEOs (or senior executives): If you know, or have access to (e.g. via Linked-In) the Chief Executive or senior executive (e.g. HR Manager) of an organisation with ten or more staff, send or give him / her the attached document called ‘Letter to CEO’. The course will be free to the CEO, or senior executive, and cost £150 (US$195) per member of staff. Your reward will be 20% of each £150 (US$200). 200 employees will bring you a reward of £150 (US$200) x 200 x 20% = £6,000 (US$8,000). 10,000 employees will bring you a reward of £300,000 (US$400,000). This mechanism is only available to Forum members. A similar referral made by a PMT member who’s not a Forum member would generate a reward of just £150 (US$200), with the CEO, or senior executive, having to pay a temporary investment of £312 (US$415).
  1. Conferences: If you attend a conference, see the attached documents called ‘Letter to Conference Leader’ and ‘Letter to Conference Assistant’. (All conference leaders have one or more assistants). You can give or send the appropriate letter to either or both. Providing a letter to both might increase your chances of earning rewards (as the assistant might have a better chance of persuading the conference leader to take up our offer, once the assistant has seen the training), without changing the amount of your reward.

The Conference Leader’s initial reward for each ‘recommendation’ to their audiences that result in them taking the training (with a temporary investment of £312 / US$415) is roughly 50% of that temporary investment, less your 10% share, i.e. a net reward for the conference leader of £135 (US$180), then 9% of all rewards earned by their audience. If the Conference Leader takes up our offer, and you’ve also involved an Assistant, the Assistant’s reward will be 10% of the remaining 50%, i.e. 5% of the total. With or without involvement of an Assistant, your initial reward will be 10% of all initial rewards earned by the Conference Leader. 1,000 successful recommendations by the Conference Leader (in practice it should be much higher) would earn him / her initial rewards of 1,000 x £135 (US$180) = £135,000 (US$180,000), the assistant, if one is involved, £15,000 (US$20,000) and you £15,000 (US$20,000).

In addition the Conference Leader is likely to earn well over £5million (US$6.5million) as their 9% share of their audience’s subsequent income (which we anticipate will be well over £50,000 or US$65,000 for each participant). Your 9% share of that would be well over £400,000 (US$500,000). These rewards may be subject to possible reductions, already mentioned, for any individual or organisation receiving more than £10 million (US$13million) of rewards in a year, though a resulting reduction in the conference leader’s rewards would not impact your share of what they would have earned without that reduction.

This mechanism is only available to Forum members. The equivalent reward for a PMT member who isn’t a Forum member would be just £150 (US$200), with the Conference Leader having to pay a temporary investment of £312 (US$415).

  1. Affiliate Marketers: If you know (or can locate through personal contacts or the internet) someone with a substantial email list, who may be willing to promote our training to their list, give or send them the attached ‘Letter to Affiliate Marketer’. The Affiliate Marketer’s initial reward will be 50%, less your 10% share, i.e. £135 (US$180) per successful recommendation, then 9% of all rewards earned by their successful recommendations, the other 1% being due to you. Your reward will be your 10% share of the initial rewards earned by the Affiliate Marketer and 1% of their successful recommendations’ rewards. 1,000 successful recommendations by the Affiliate Marketer would earn him / her an initial 1,000 x £135 (US$180) = £135,000 (US$170,000). Your initial 9% share would be £12,000 (US$16,000). The Affiliate Marketer’s subsequent multi-level rewards from gifts made by their successful recommendations, based on anticipated rewards for Forum members averaging well over £50,000 (US$66,000) per member, is likely to be well over £5million (US$6.5million). Your 9% share of that would be well over £400,000 (US$500,000).

This mechanism is only available to Forum members. The equivalent reward for a PMT member who isn’t a Forum member would be just £150 (US$200), with the Affiliate Marketer having to pay a temporary investment of £312 (US$415).

  1. Sole Traders or Partnerships (including ‘Store Assistants’): You can provide the training free to anyone in business; i.e. anyone who has customers, such as a retail outlet or self-employed service provider like a plumber. You can give them either of the attached letters called ‘Letter to Sole Trader’ or ‘Letter to Store Assistant’. If they then promote the training to their customers, their initial reward will be 50%, less your 10% share, i.e. roughly £135 (US$180) per customer for them and £15 (US$17) for you. Then a further multi-level reward of 9% for them of all rewards earned by their customers and 1% for you. If a store assistant was involved, their rewards (additional to the store owner’s rewards) would match your rewards, to be shared, with the agreement of the store owner, between all his/her assistants. If they promote the training to say 1,000 customers, the sole trader’s or store owner’s initial rewards would amount to 1000 x £135 (US$180) = £135,000 (US$180,000) and your initial reward would be £15,000 (US$20,000). Their longer-term 9% share of their customers’ rewards, based on anticipated rewards well in excess of £50,000 (US$70,000) per Forum member, would be well over £5million (US$7million) and your share of that well over £400,000 (US$500,000). Any store assistant/s involved would receive additional rewards well over £400,000 (US$500,000) to be shared, with the store owner’s agreement, between all his/her assistants. 20 such referrals by you would generate rewards for you in excess of £8million (US$11million). These rewards may be subject to reductions, already mentioned, for any individual / organisation receiving more than £10 million (US$13million) of rewards in a year. This mechanism does not apply to a large store (department store, such as Harrods in London) or chain store (more than one store in a chain). For those stores, use the employee or CEO letter.
  1. Free-service providers. This mechanism, included in earlier versions of this document, has been put on hold for the time being. Please don’t use it until we advise otherwise. Until it’s re-introduced, we’re unable to pay rewards for this mechanism.
  2. Your personal contacts, including family, friends, social media contacts and even employees of organisations on the list of ‘organisations already participating, so not available for free gifts’. The attached document called ‘Gifting Your Contacts’ provides suggested wording for your emails and social media posts (Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, etc). The document also describes how to obtain an affiliate code if you don’t already have one, or you’ve lost it. Your initial reward is roughly 50% of their temporary investment, in most cases roughly 50% of £312 (US$415) = £150 (US$200). 20 gifts by you would bring you initial rewards of £3,000 (US$4,000). This reward is not unique to Forum members.

Under this mechanism, you’re free to give the training to employees of organisations on the list of ‘organisations already participating so not available for free referrals’, with the employee having to pay a temporary investment. These employees will see the same training as you’ve seen and will therefore be introduced to the Forum and consequent rewards.

Their anticipated rewards then average in excess of £50,000 (US$65,000), generating rewards for you in excess of £5,000 (US$6,500) for each of your gifts. 20 such gifts by you would bring you rewards in excess of £100,000 (US$130,000). The equivalent reward for a PMT member who isn’t a Forum member would be just the initial reward of £150 (US$200) with 20 gifts earning £3,000 (US$4,000).

We’ve developed a flyer that you may like to use to introduce the training to your personal contacts. The flyer was initially developed for sole traders, such as stores, to gift the training to their customers, but it could be just as useful to you. A copy of the flyer is attached with editing instructions on the flyer. To print, find Vistaprint, select Flyers and Leaflets under Marketing Materials and enter: vertical, no fold, A5, standard, matte, use your complete design, backside leave blank, next, next, approve, next, go to basket, checkout, place order.

Where possible and convenient, try to supplement any gift with your own verbal recommendation from your experience of the course.

I recommend you use all the above mechanisms as soon as you can and as often as you can. They won’t remain effective for ever as the more they’re used, the fewer the opportunities that will remain.

If you use each of the above mechanisms just once with the results assumed above, your total income (or contributions to charities of your choice, or funding our community projects, or a mixture of those, at your option) as a result of being a Forum member, would be £1.8million (US$2.4million). With the number of referrals assumed in the above examples, it would be £12million (US$16million).

If recipients of your gifts (and their recipients) made incomes averaging just 10% of the lower of the above amounts (each mechanism used once), i.e. £180,000 (US$240,000) instead of the £50,000 (US$65,000) that we’ve assumed, your income would rise to £7million (US$9million). If just 10% of the larger of the above amounts (each mechanism used more than once), your income would rise to £45million (US$60million). And if recipients of your gifts (and their recipients) made incomes averaging just 10% of this amount, or if we remove the 10%, …. I’ll leave you to work out your potential income. These incomes may be more limited if we introduce reduced percentage rewards above £10 million (US$13 million) per year, e.g. a 50% reduction in rewards above £10million (US$13million) would reduce the above £45million (US$60million) to £27million (US$36million).

A reminder that all AAACTT’s income, net of rewards and other costs, will go to charities or funding our community projects. I hope you’ll consider allocating at least a portion of your rewards to charities or community projects. It would help us if that could initially focus on community projects to enable us to fund those projects. Then, when we’ve achieved that, switch more of it to charities if you wish. One way of achieving this would be to give us the option to make that allocation for you, i.e. you allocate a given percentage of your income to charities and community projects and we’ll keep you informed how we’re allocating that between the two (and which charities, if you haven’t specified them).

Thank you for your support for achieving our goals and here’s wishing you success in earning an income through that support and/or using part or all of your income to fund charities, or our community projects, or a mixture of those, at your option. There’ll be plenty of other opportunities for you to gain benefits through the PMT Forum.

Any questions, feel free to email

Best wishes

Graham (Price)

0044 (0)7884 431028